It can often be practical to be able to save different screen prints of reports as PDF files. This way you can send them by mail to vets, advisors or other persons. All prints from PigVision can be saved as PDF files. PDF files are a general file format, which can be read by most computers and here we describe how to save these files. 

To demonstrate how to save a printout as a PDF, we will use the Group Analysis report but the same process can be used for all other reports.

Choose the report you want to save as a PDF and run  it. Click into the Layout box as shown above by the green arrow and click on "Layout" or whatever is currently showing in the Printout window. This will being up a Print Preview window similar to below:

If you are ready to save the report as a PDF, click on the Save icon indicated by the red square and green arrow in the top right of the picture above. You can now choose where you want to save this report to and give it a name.

On the left hand side of the window that appears, choose My PC and then navigate to your own C drive on your computer (shown below with the green rectangle) and choose a folder where to save the file. 

Enter a name in the File name box at the bottom and click Save and the file will be saved into that chosen folder. You may want to create a new folder called "Reports" on your C drive before you start this process. PigVision will remember where you chose to save the first PDF created and will default to this location each time from then onwards. You can now attach the PDF file created to an email to the person you wish to send it to.