How do I use the sum option in a data entry screen?

In most of the windows for registration you have the possibility to calculate the sum of the data. The sum icon is found next to the filter icon  at the top of the data entry window. You can calculate the sum or/and the average of your data entries.

Here a filter is set up for farrowings between two dates and when you click the sum icon the number of sows that have farrowed, the number of live born, the number of still born and the average will be shown at the bottom of the screen. 

How to use:

First set up the filter (you can read more about filter in the FAQ Filter) e.g. all farrowings 1st January 2020 to 1st of January 2021. Right click and select Between and select the dates from the calendar.

Click OK and then click on the Sum icon at the top of the screen for the totals and averages to appear.

You can also use the sum line to show totals of pigs moving and weights in the finishing herd as shown below: