How do I enter free hand comments on the bottom of the sow card without using a code? 

If you want to enter free-hand comments to the sow card you can do it easily 

You start by opening the sow card, either from your Pig Vision desktop or by clicking “Sows, Boars” menu and then choose “Sow card”. In the top left corner of the sow card window, you see the “Setup”-icon: . When you click on it, this window will come up 




Then you put a checkmark in the box next to “Show text and then click “Ok”. You will then see a blank box in the bottom of the sow card, where you can write any comments.  


To get these comments on the printed sow card you must add the section. To do this, you click on the “Print sow card”-icon  and this window will come up: 




Then click “Setup layout sow card”. Then you click on the section where you want the free hand comments to be on the sow card, you can only choose section 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, not the ones on the bottomThen you go to the “Show info” bar and choose “Sow card text” in the drop-down menu, like this:  




Then click “Ok” and your free hand comments will now get printed on the sow card.  

If you have a different sow card already set up, you may wish to speak to your local AgroVision support on how to show these comments on your sow card.