To find a list of previous gilt entries you go to “Breeding” and then “Breed progeny”. Then you get a list of all animals. If you want to sort this list and only see, for example, YL animalsthen you click the layout name: 




Then click copy and then rename your layout to for example “YL animals, then make it global by clicking on the layout name againthen click on “YL animals” and then click on “Make global” 


Then you go to the breed column and write YL in the green filterline. If you do not have this green filterline, then click this icon  and the green filterline will appear and then you can type YL. 


Then all YL animals will be shown. Then you click the ”Layout setup”-icon then ”Edit global layout” and then choose the section ”Filter sorting”, then click ”Activate current filter”then ”Activate current sorting” and then ”Ok”. Then every time you choose this layout you will only see YL animals.