Back fat can be registered both as a registration linked to events, e.g. entries, services, farrowings, and weanings or single registration.


Registration of back fat linked to event.

Open the window where you normally do you registrations e.g. services. Now you will have to change the layout so that it contains the column ”back-fat”. This option can be found under "Condition Sow". 

While entering services you can now register the back fat. 

You will also need to make similar layouts for other events where you want to measure back fat.   


After having registered for a period you can do analysis showing the development between two events e.g. from service to farrowing or farrowing to weaning. 

Go to "Analysis sows" - "Effect analysis" - "PigVision" - "Distribution graph" to find back fat analyses. 

Single registration of back fat

Go to "Sows/boars" - "Condition". Enter the sow number, date, and back-fat.