Go to the General menu and choose Location. In this menu you can set up all locations you want to use in PigVision.

If you only need to enter a few different locations, this can be done manually by adding a code and then the name of the location as shown below:

If you want to add multiple locations rather than tap them all in individually, use the "create multiple locations" button as shown by the green arrow above.

In the above example, I want to create some pens in my feeding herd (F) called A1 to A10. The code prefix option shows how you can give a letter prefix to your pens.  As these new pens A1 - A10 are a part of the feeding herd, I have set this at the bottom.

Click Create to set these pens up - there is no limit to the number of pens you can set up in this way but please check over the setup to make sure it is exactly how you want them set up to avoid having to delete and re-do them!

PigVision will ask if you want to set up these locations and you can click Yes to proceed and the pens will be created as shown below:

Location types:

When setting up locations, you can assign a "location type" to each one. These sit in a hierarchy based on size and are:

Site, Barn, Section, Pen and Sub-pen. The final option in the list called "Group" or "GroupofSites" is only required in Denmark with more on this at the end of this explanation. This allows you to set a location as one of these types and also sections within each type. For example, you may have 2 barns on the site and within each barn are sections and pens.

Using the "Part of" column you can assign these to be linked together for the purposes of reporting. For example, you want to analyse a barn's performance as a whole but still want to record sections and pens within that barn as shown by the picture below:

The above shows a hierarchy of locations. The Whole Farm sits at the top and has been set as the "Site". The breeding and feeding herds are set as "Barns" and sit one below the Site. Within each barn is a section (grower and weaner herd) and within the weaner herd are five pens. Please note the "Part of" column that tells PigVision the relationship that all these sections have with the others above them in the overall hierarchy.

Only for users in Denmark:

If you want to use PigVision for medicine registration or upload data to Statistics Denmark (Danmarks statistik) you need to enter your CPH No. (CHR-nr) in PigVision.

If you only have one CPH No. it can be entered in the menu item General\Choose farm in the column CPH No.

If you have more than one CPH No. they should be registered in the location window in the column CPH No. CPH No. can only be registered on locations with the type “Site”, so maybe you need to change the type. If there are locations, that are “Part of” other locations, it can be necessary to make changes, in both the type and the hierarchy to arrange your locations. You should also be aware, that all locations are either a location with a CPH No. or a “Part of” a location with a CPH No, so all your locations belong to a CPH No as shown below.