If you want to set your herd to report as 3, 4 or 5 week batches, go to General menu and choose Setup. Tap on the Service Groups tab at the top to change the setup to your chosen one.

In this example we will set up the herd to report as a 3 week batch system:

Start Day - change the start day to match when you service groups are to start.

Numbering scheme - change to Calculated for 3 week and other batch service groups (shown by green arrow)

Change the settings in the service group box to the numbers in the graphic above (115, 27, 5) - shown by the red arrow.

No of groups - change this to 7 for a 3 week system to set seven 21 days batches in the cycle.

Start no - set this to 1 to start the batches at batch 1.

No of repeats - set to any repeat from 2 and up. This does not have any effect on how the service groups are calculated but if you want to see, how the groups look in the future then you can enter a higher number.

Start Date - set this to the date when you want the batches to start. In the example above, batch 1 will start on 12/02/18 and change to batch 2 on 05/03/18 (21 days later) - shown by the black arrow.

Click Calculate to put the above settings in place! The dates of each batch will show on the right hand side. Click OK to confirm and exit.

On reports where you want to report by 3 week batch such as fertility chart, change the period setting from Full weeks to Full service groups and the report will now show results for every 3 week batch rather than week by week.