In PigVision version 2023.5 the following has been implemented:

General changes:

When importing maiden gilts from a delivery note the indexes are now imported to the columns for the corresponding breeding company.

If you are importing an electronic delivery note in .txt format, you need to choose which herdnumber pool, animals should be connected to, also which ID field to use.

Journals are now only imported when clicking "Import journals" in the "Vet visits"-window. You can therefore make changes in your journals and these will be saved until you change them. 

You import the journals by choosing General entries -> Vet visits. Then choose the visit that contain the journals that you want to import. Click the the "Import journal", and the journals will be imported into PigVision.

You must import journals before you can send date to your veterinarian.

All formulas behind key figures on the sow card are now visible when double clicking the key figure.

For the report "Medicine usage" treatments are now based on masterID, and no longer limited to 5 treatments. Therefore, the report can now be used to see exactly how much a journal has been used.

In the example above: The green column illustrate that this journal have been started one time in the period chosen. The orange column indicates, that 3 treatments (injections, doses) have been given. In the blue column, You see the amount of medicine that have been used.

PigVision can now handle up to 30 alphanumeric characters in UHFRF id field, thereby correctly identify animals using SGTIN-96 ear tags.

For German Customers:

The HIT update now include outgoing animals to fulfill the new legislation in Germany.