There different ways to use the filterline see examples below:

text (only searching for this exact text)

text* (searching for this text and then something afterwards)

*text (searching for something and then the text)

*text* (searching for something that contains this text)

= (equal)

< (smaller than) 

> (larger than)

<=X (smaller or equal to)

>=X (larger or equal to)

X<<Y (searching for the ones between X and Y)

X<=<Y (searching for the ones between X and Y, including X)

X<=<=Y (searching for the ones between X and Y, including both X and Y)

!text! (searching for everything wihtout text)

text??text (searching for text + two letters or numbers + text)

~ (searching for all empty columns)

!~ (searching for columns with something in them)

X|Y (searching for X or Y)

X&Y (searching for both X and Y)

It is possible to right click in the green filter line - different options will appear depending on which collumn you are in. 

If you want to filter your locations we recommend that all your locations are named with numbers and that these numbers have the same length as this makes filtering easier.