If you have an advisory agreement with Hatting, they can follow your herd data every week for example “Total born” and “Fertility percent”. To do this you have to give Hatting permission to access your production data. 


This can be done with a few clicks as described in the following:

When you open PigVision you go to the bottom right corner and click the icon “MyAgroVision”. 







Now this window will show:



At the first log in, you need to register by clicking ”Register new user”. Here you enter your Email address and a password off your own choice.



Then click ”Register new user”.


You will then receive an email for activating your login. After activating your login, you will get a welcome mail. Now you are ready to log in to MyAgroVision.  



When you are logged into MyAgroVision you mark that you want to share data with Hatting A/S: 



When you have allowed data exchange the “slider” will turn green. 


You can see the content of the data exchange by clicking the little Information icon left to the text “Hatting A/S”. 


Adjustability in PigVision:

Two things can improve the data which is part of the data exchange and both are regarding reporting of services: 

  • Batch number from the semen bag, both the named semen and the mixed semen. 
  • Scanning of QR-code on the semen bag. 



The batch number on the semen bag, both named semen and mixed semen:


If you are writing your services on paper in the stable and want to register the used boar in PigVision then you can search for the boar using the batch number on the semen bag. To be able to do this, you must add “semen batch no.” to the registration-window. Do as following:


Open the list and then click the green layout-icon.  




Add a check mark at “Semen batch no.” and click “Ok”. 




Scanning the QR-code of the semen bag:


In PigVision Mobile you can scan the QR-code of the semen bag. The information is stored in the program and it does not matter if the fields are visible or not in PigVision and in PigVision Mobile. 




When using named semen, then enter:

  • Boar animalno.
  • EDI Code
  • Semen collection date
  • Semen collection ID
  • Semen batch no. 


If the boar is not yet registered it has to be registered with this info

  • Animalno.
  • EDI code


If you are dealing with a new unknown mixed semen type the unknown boar must be registered with this info:

  • Name as animalno.