New analysis: Dead suckling piglets 

New analysis for Suckling piglets dead is available. This can be found in the menu Analysis sows and the menu item ‘'Dead suckling piglets’'.  

This analysis showing “dead suckling piglets causes” in a chosen period, and it will be regardless of sow's status or last event and the lactating period. It is mandatory to checkmark sow data or/and group data. 

On the left side of the screen multiple settings are available. You can choose an interval:  

  • Weekday: Show the number of pigs (causes) per weekday. I.e. 7 columns with x number of dead pigs per column 
  • Week: Show the number of pigs (causes) with each cause per week (see picture below)  
  • Days alive: Show the number of pigs dead (causes) on number of days after farrowing (this conflicts with bulk input - add them for day 0) 
  • Litters: Show the number of pigs (causes) per litter 

The analysis will give the user an overview of dead pigs in the chosen period in a visual graph. Below you see the graph in a bar format, default it is line graph. You can change it via the button in the top next to the word ‘'print out’'. 

The analysis will give the user an overview of the causes of dead suckling piglets in a chosen period in a visual graph 



Import of sowcards where services has been made with frozen semen

Sow card can now be imported if services has been made with frozen semen. With frozen semen the validation on AI boars active period is not active. 

The protection of the fields ‘AI boars valid to/from’ is now removed. When entering services with frozen semen you can now change the period on AI boars. 



ENAR breed table for Hungarian farms 

ENAR Breed table for Hungarian farms is now in place. You find them under Breeding – Breed. To each PigVision Breeding code you can map an ENAR code. 





  • All removal of female progeny is logged to DanBred.   
  • DanBred request specific codes and types of departures logged along removals in PigVision. The agreement is that all breeders has to account for all FEMALE pigs born in their herds: Both approval code 100 and 200. For clients this is obligated since 01-01-18 for pure breed animals, cross breed must be included from 01-02-2020.   
  • The "Resend all after date" functionality can be used to resend all exits with the new mapping for both purebred and crossbred animals.