Prognoses on available breeding progeny and the distribution of sold animals on the inventory list 

In the menu Breeding, Inventory list it is now possible to make a prognoses that includes served breeding animals and with a calculated dropouts. The get the prognoses you have to enter a negative number in the from age in the left hand side of the report window.  


If any of the approval codes are checked off, you will get a wrong prognosis. 

The part of the inventory list that is the prognoses is shown with yellow background. 



The prognoses of “Created progeny” is based on the number of services and the last six months average farrowing rate, tagged piglets per. litter split up between litter breed and gender. If the pregnancy rate in a specific week is lower than the average pregnancy rate then the prognosis is calculated from the actual number of pregnant sows. 

If you want to see the expected number of litters for a specific week, double-click on number in "Created progeny” on the specific week: 



Double-click on "Total" to see the estimated number of created progeny per. litter. If you have chosen to display multiple breeds on the inventory list, the number of animals created for each breed is shown:

The calculation of the drop-out rate is based on the period of actual events, but always the minimum losses over the past 10 weeks. The dropout percentage appears if you double-click the field “Expected dropouts” for a specific week. If you have chosen to show multiple breed on the inventory list, the dropout for each breed is shown. 



The forecast can be calculated up to 17 weeks looking ahead. We are working on expanding this function to the next version of PigVision.