If you want to run a fertility chart for a certain breed you go to “Analysis sows”, “Fertility chart”, and choose the normal layout you run for the fertility chart. 

This window will then come up with your chosen layout (rather than the one in the example below): 




Then click on the layout name, in the green circle, then hold your mouse over your layout name and then click “Copy” and give your fertility chart a new name, for example “Fertility chart DD”. Then this window will come up with the new layout name in the “Layout” box: 




Then click edit, in the green circle, and this window will come up: 




Then click “Animal” a box will appear on the right side, then scroll down to “Breed” and then choose “Code” and click “Add”. Then your window will look like this: 




You then write the breeding code for the breed you want to see the fertility chart for. This could be 44 for DD. Then click “Ok”, you then come back to the first window and then if you click “Calculate” the fertility chart for DD will be calculated and shown.