When you have received an electronic delivery note in your mail you have to save the file on your computer. Do not save it on the desktop or in one of Windows' default folders (eg downloads), as this can often cause problems. Instead, store it in a folder on a drive.



In PigVision you open the menu Breeding – Breed progeny


Now you click on the icon “Import” at the top of the screenshot below:


Locate the file that you have saved and double click on it.


If you have a breeding herd in your database, it is possible to connect the animals to the nucleus when you import the delivery note. 


Now PigVision asks if the animals should be connected to a location. This is only relevant for the herd that are using pen cards or for other reasons register the placement of each animal with ID number. It does not influence the progeny E control. The animals need to have a location entry into the herd. This you can do under the menu “Progeny” – “Entry”. 




You must enter which column the ID number has to be imported to. If your supplier is not on the list, you can always select the column “ID number”. 


If you cannot see your drives from PigVision online.

If you use PigVision onlie and cannot see your own drives, you can right click on the shortcut for PigVision. Select the tab Edit, ”Local resources”, click ”more” and checkmark the drives you want to access. 



With checkmarks you can specify the drives, you want to have access to from PigVision Online.