If the format of dates and the use of commas/full stops do not follow the normal setup for your country, please check the following:

Go to the General menu, choose Administration and towards the bottom you will see an option called Regional Settings. Choose this and change the setting in the Format box at the top to the language used in your country or English (United Kingdom) if your preference is to work in English. You can also adjust the date and time formats to suit your standard country setup.

Tap Apply and then press OK at the bottom and the settings will be applied the next time you log into PigVision.

Please note - the above option "Regional Settings" will only be available to you if you are the Administrator of the farm you are in. Please contact this person to make the above change if necessary.

Note: In addition to this setting you also find a date format setting under General - Setup in the tab General.

The date format here overrules in some places the regional setting. It is recommended to use same date format setting as under Regional setting.