In PigVision we have a filter line to help you search for information or a specific registration. The filter line is green. To use the line, you can enter eg. sow number or date to get an overview. You also have the possibility to right click and get different options to filter. The filter line is present in most windows in PigVision. 

The filter icon:

If your filter line is not showing you can re-create it by clicking on the “funnel” icon at the top.

The filter line:

By entering a certain date or sow number you can find information or registration of a specific animal or entry date. You can enter more filters at the same time, but you can only filter if the line is green, not if it is red or yellow. 

Filter by date:


Filter by right-clicking:

You have the option to right click in the filter line. If doing so you get several options to choose from. You can select today's date, a specific date, all dates before or after a specific date or a period between two dates.

You can also filter on the animal number which gives you other options. Typing "14??" (without the quote marks) will show all animals whose number starts 14 when you don't know the last two digits so effectively animals between 1400 to 1499 will appear. Also, if you know the animal you are looking for has a "W" in the number, you can type "*W*" into the filter line to just show animals with this letter in their ID.