Most commonly, there are 5 reasons when communication between PigVision and the feed computer fails. 

  1. The animal is missing a location in PigVision.

    Make sure to add a location to the sow in "Transfer sow". You can also add a location on the sow card in the top right corner.

  2. The animal is missing transponder number (LFRF id) in PigVision.

    Enter a transponder number in the column.

  3. The animal is in a location that is not a part of the transponder location in PigVision.
    Here, sow 84 is in location "So", but the location is not part of the feed computer. 
    If the sow is expected to be in the feed computer, simply move the sow to a location that is part of the feed computer in "Transfer sow".

  4. There are two animals with the same sow number in PigVision.

    If you have two animals with the same sow number PigVision cannot handle this, even though one of the has an exit date. Therefore, you need to delete or rename the old animal.

    DeleteOpen the sow card for the animal with an exit. Click on the icon "Delete sow card", enter the sow number and click "Ok".

    RenameGo to "Sows/boars" - "Animal" and open a list with all animals. Find the sow with an exit date and simply overwrite the sow number with a new number such as "Old4000". Click "Yes" to confirm the change.
  5. There is another animal with the same transponder number in the ESF feed computer.
    If you have a sow with a transponder number you want to reuse, first you need to enter an exit on the sow and then update between PigVision and the feed computer. In this way, the feed computer registers that the sow is not a part of the system anymore and the transponder number is available. Now, you can reuse the transponder number on a new sow and update the feed computer again.

    If you have reused a transponder number without updating the feed computer with the exit of the culled sow, the feed computer believes the sow is still in the system and an error occurs. In case of this problem, please contact your transponder company to help you remove the culled sow from the system.