It is quite simple to set up limitations in an analysis. To do so, follow the steps below. You can set up limitations in a lot of the analysis and all of them follow the same procedure. 

Open one of the analysis (here "Herd analysis - Breed") and click on "Edit", shown in the green circle, below the box "Limitations". The limitation box can be placed both in the middle and in the bottom of the left side of the window.


A new window will open and it will look like the one show below. Here you will be able to choose between "Animal" and "Litter". 

If you click on "Animal" you will be able to set up limitations related to the animal, for example breed, date of entry and more. If you choose "Litter" you will be able to set up limitations related to the litter, for example litter number, number of liveborn and more.


If you want to set up a limitation and only look at your first parity animals, you click on "Litter", choose "Litter no." (should be the first one) and then click on "Add" in the right side. Your window will now look like this: 



If you want to look at the first parity you put in "1" in both boxes. If you want to look at the second to the fourth parity, you put in "2" and "4" in the boxes. Click "Ok" when you have set up your limitations.

If you want to remove a limitation you click on the red cross to the right of the limitation.

Now the limitation box, in the analysis, will look like this:


You can set up several limitations to your analysis and you can always remove them again.

It is also possible to save an analysis with the limitations you have set up. Then you can quickly find it again and it is possible in all the analysis. To do so, you have to open the analysis (here "Herd analysis - Breed"), click on the Layout name and do as shown on the picture. Remember to rename the layout and do not use "PigVision" in the layout name as it will be overwritten in the next update if so.


If you have more users on the same PigVision database and you want all users to be able to see the layout and use it, you have to do as shown in the picture below, and choose "Make global". 


Then your new layout will be opened and you can set up your limitations as described earlier and these will be saved for when you open the layout next time.