Medicine needs to be set up in your PigVision software before you are able to use it in PigVision Mobile Sows.  

Once set up and the data is synced to the mobile app, you will see a new "Retreatment" option on the home-page. This is used for subsequent treatments after the initial one in the days that follow. 

To enter treatments, you can either enter them as part of a main event such as service, farrowing or weaning by tapping on the "Treatment" option below the line on the data entry option or they can be entered via the right navigation button one by one for each animal. 


The picture below shows the typical treatment entry screen. First, you will choose your treatment plan (journal) as set up in PigVision and then you can choose the date for the treatment along with other options such as executor, dose and whether piglets are being treated. The withdrawal and repeat treatment days will be shown at the bottom. 




When completed, choose “Save & close” to move onto another event or “Save & new” to choose another animal to treat.