To enter events against single animals rather than via the main entry action lists, tap the right navigation button to display this screen as shown by the arrow below:



Tap on any of the options shown and then follow the instructions below to enter data. 

For example, if you want to enter a service against an animal, tap the Service icon and then tap in the number of the animal you want to serve and press the enter key on the right. 

That animal will then appear on screen ready to be entered with her service date and all relevant service information such as boar, semen batch no, executor etc like on the standard entry screen. 

If the animal number you enter is not an active sow, a message will appear telling you this after you tap the Enter button. 

All other events such as farrowing, weaning, treatments, entry and exit can also be entered via this method. 

Tap on the middle navigation button at the bottom to return to the standard homescreen.