New look and feel of the PigVision Mobile Growers app

We have refreshed the look and feel of our PigVision Mobile Growers app! Camilla Søgaard, Product manager Pigs: “The reason for this update is that the current PigVision Mobile Growers app will become part of our new Cloud solution for pig farmers with growers and finishers, called AgroVision Growers. In order to match the PigVision Mobile Growers app in terms of look & feel with this new AgroVision Growers cloud environment, we are now implementing a fresh-up in the design of the app. As an existing user of this app, you can already see this.”


The development of AgroVision Growers is still in full swing. More information on the new AgroVision Growers cloud environment will follow later this year.


Software that is available at any time!

Do you want to know more about our new cloud strategy? Watch the video (in English)


New look and feel of the OperationalMonitor

We have updated the AgroVision Analytics - OperationalMonitor. The report has a new look and feel that makes it clearer.


The OperationalMonitor gives you greater insight into your daily operations and improved management information to help guide your processes. You can easily click trough the reporting of services, farrowings, weanings, attention animals and piglet mortality.  This report is updated every day overnight.


Watch the video below to learn more about the OperationalMonitor.


Start now with the OperationalMonitor

The OperationalMonitor is available for all PigVision Online users and included in the program. We are currently adding new users to our interactive reporting tool on a daily basis. You can join us by creating a MyAgrovision account.

Instructions to that can be found here:


Meet our international Customer Support Team!

If you have a question about your AgroVision software program, you can contact us by e-mail or telephone. One of our Customer Support employees will answer your question. Many of our colleagues have an agricultural background and therefore know exactly what's going on on a farm. But who do you actually email or call? To give them a face, we regularly introduce our employees in the newsletter. This time we would like to introduce Camilla Asmussen and Søren Rudbeck.


Camilla Asmussen is 25 years old and started working at AgroVision the 1st of September 2021. She has a master's degree in Agrobiology - Animal Science from Aarhus University. She spends all her free time in a horse stable and going horseback riding. She is part of the Danish Operational Team and besides being a part of the hotline, she will be focusing on the customer self-service portal along with e-Learning for new and current users.


Søren Rudbeck is 35 years old and started working at AgroVision on the 2nd of February 2021. He has an agricultural education from Vejlby Farming School and has been working 10 years with export of Danish breeding animals. He is part of the Danish and German Operational Team and besides being part of the hotline, he is working closely with the app-developing team by contributiong with his knowledge about the pig production.