Formula collection PR_Ungdyr expanded 

In formula collection PR_Ungdyr (DA default) there are two new formulas added for standard deviation. 

  • SD meat percent.  
  • SD slaughter weight. 


Four new formulas added formula collection CA 

In the formula collection CA, used for Customized Analysis and Effect Analysis, four new formulas are added, all related to events next to service. Same figures can be found in the fertility chart: 

  • Serviced >> removed  
  • Serviced >> reserved  
  • Serviced >> aborted  
  • Service >> preg. test neg.  

Example from customized layout:



It is now possible to upload your own image to be used on reports in the online version of PigVision.  



DanBred progeny ID type ID11K can have “Minor” value 00000 

Regardless whether you download your ordered number pools from DanBred or you enter these manually in the menu Breeding – Herd number pools, it is from this version possible to use the Minor value (serial number) 00000 for DanBred breed progeny, when the ID type is the new DanBred ID type ID11K 


Changed validation ID number when importing progeny from DanBred herds 

When you import breed progeny via a file send by your supplier, you are asked in which column the ID must be filled in. It is only possible to fill in a tagID containg 11 numbers in the column “DanAvl tagid”, similar to DanBred’s validations. Choose the column “TagID” in case your suppliers breeding organisation isn’t present in the dropdown box