It can be a good idea to be able to make a list of all your sows, where they are grouped according to their status: Pregnant, lactating, lactating and pregnant or empty. This makes it relatively easy to check whether the sows registered in PigVision is consistent with the actual number of sows in the barn. 

Select the tab” Management” and choose” Farm-list” or use the icon  

Enter the date you prefer (or select from the calendar icon) – it will always open on today’s date. 

Now you can open all the small plusses at the left side. Start from the bottom or you will have to scroll a lot. When they are all opened, check if the sows are in numerical order. If they are not click on the column Animal/Number to sort. When the little arrow points upwards the sows will be listed in numerical order in each group. This makes it easier to check them in the stable.


Now select“Farm-list” next to the printer icon. 



Now the list can be printed or send as mail.