It is only possible to download data from slaughter houses, that have a link to AgroVision regarding this, so check if your slaughterhouse is on the list. Most Scandinavian slaughter houses are on the list.


In the menu Progeny – Manage Slaughter data – download slaughter data, you can download all data directly from your slaughterhouse and into PigVision. 

If you use batches, you can find more information regarding this at the end of this document. 

The first time you open the menu it will look like this: 




Entering your delivery number and location is done using the icon Setup at the top left corner.





Slaughterhouse: Select your slaughterhouse from the drop-down box

Supplier no.: Your supplier number from the slaughterhouse

Location Code: Here you register from which location the animals are delivered

Include: If you put a checkmark in this column the download from this slaughterhouse is included whenever you download data. If you in a period use another slaughterhouse you can remove the checkmark. 

Correlation factor/Killing out%: Here you can register your correlation factor or your Killing out %. This way the program can recalculate from slaughter weight to alive weight. 

Below/Above basis weight: Obsolete. These data are automatically included in the data from the slaughterhouse. 




By clicking the icon Setup  besides the slaughterhouse, you can enter your supplier no. and your password for each slaughterhouse. This is mandatory for downloading data. 




Downloading slaughter data using batches. 

If you are using batches, you must still enter supplier number for each location before you are able to download data. 

After doing this you can link the supplier number to each batch. This is done in the column Supplier number in the menu General – Batch. When this is done you can download data as shown above. 


Please note you can only use one supplier number for one batch at a time. If you need the supplier number for more batches, you must move the supplier number to the batch in question before you download.