The check gives you a overview of animals that are overdue the typical days for next event. Sows in the Checklist are non-productive and accruing wasted days that can become costly to your business, or you missed a registration.

It is a good idea to have a target to have as few sows as possible on the Checklist, because it insures a effective produktion and reliable registrations for E-control and reports. 

Find the Checklist by going to "Management" - "Checklist".

Click "Ok" to run the checklist from today or change it to fx the last date you typed in data. You can type in the date or click on the calendar to the right and pick a date. Click "Ok" when you have chosen.  

You now have a Checklist with animals. Sort in the animals by pressing "alt" on the keyboard and click on fx "Critical days". An arrow appears next to the title which means the animals are sorted by least to greatest or greatest to least. 

You can always change the layout in layout setup where you fx can add employee initials or removal. 

It is possible to type the next event directly in the Checklist and you can open the sow card if you doubleclick on the number of the animal. 

On the picture above the sow in the top has been on the Checklist for the longest time. It has exceeded the typical days after next event with 139 days, as in this example is farrowing.

In this example you would examine if the sows has exited, aborted or farrowed og you forgot to registrate the event. The Checklist can also be helpful by selecting slaughter sows after weaning, if they fx not exhibits oestrus and thereby overdue the typical days for service. 

To set up the critical days click on the crescent wrench.

You can edit the values by typing in the columns for adjusting to your farm. Click "Ok" when you are finished. 

You can add a filterline by clicking on the funnel and a green line appears. 

Click on the right side of the mouse in the green column underneath fx "Critical days text" and choose "Suckling period" to only be able to see the sows that overdue the typical number of days for the suckling period.

To print the Checklist, click on the printer icon at the top.