If you have set a sow to be given a 2nd litter after her first weaning (made a nursing sow by ticking the box on the weaning screen), she can be weaned as normal on the weaning data entry screen by giving her a date and the number of pigs weaned off her (2nd weaning). Once this has been done, you are now free to give her a service or cull date (if she is being removed).

Example 1:

The above example shows 1315 being weaned on 23/02/21 with 9 pigs. She was made a nursing sow (tick in box) and 11 pigs were fostered on to her (optional). She was then weaned for a second time on 02/03/21 with 10 pigs. The nursing sow box is left blank this time as her litter is complete and she is available to be served or culled.

Example 2:

If you do not use the "transferred piglets" option, your screen will probably look more like the one above