To get started with MyAgroVision you must connect and send data from PigVision or FARM Everywhere to MyAgroVision. In the description below you'll learn how to get data in to MyAgroVision. When you get your data in to MyAgroVision you'll automatically get acces to the "Operational Monitor" and "Service Group Monitor" (free to use). You are also able to share data with a third party.

Send data to MyAgroVision

Click on one of the links below to find out how to make the connection with MyAgroVision and forward the data. 

Sending in data from PigVision: Sending data from PigVision to MyAgroVision

Sending in data from FARM Everywhere: Sending in dat from FARM Everywhere naar MyAgroVision

With the above step you have ensured that you have a MyAgroVision account and that you are sending data to MyAgroVision. The data will be processed overnight and after that you can start using the reports and if you want share data. You do this by logging in to

When you are logged in to MyAgroVision you will see a page titled "Reports", where you will see a list of your available reports. The first one is called "Operational Monitor". 

To complete the setup you need to check if the settings from the report are correct. Click on the gear icon in the right top corner to see if the settings are correct. 

       - Cycle type you can choose between Litter and Cycle.

       - Week format you can choose between ISO and US.

When you've checked the settings and they are correct you can click on "OK". You can now start using the "reports". Keep in mind that the data will be refreshed every day during the night. 

How to use the reports?

If you want to know on how to work with the reports then take a look at the instruction videos: Instruction Video Operational Monitor and Instruction Video Service Group Monitor