When you want to send data to db.Plus, you must register the farm number you have gotten from db.Plus in PigVision, you do it by going to: General - Administration - Farm info and then filling out the db.Plus column with the number db.Plu has given you. 


Then you must create the third party that will recieve the db.Plus data. Go to General - Third Party og create it with a Code, Mame, E-mail and choose Person in Type:




Now you are ready to send data. Go to General - Administration - Export data and choos db.Plus. A new window will open, here you choose the period for the data to be send. You can choose to save the file on your computer by clicking "Save to file" and you can choose to send it as an Email by clicking "Send as mail".



When sending the data in an e-mail, you can choose which Third party you want to send it to, remember to put a mark next to "Email person" and then choose which third party: 



You can fill out the subject line and the body yourself and send this along with the data. Click OK to send the e-mail