There are three ways the farrowing procent is calculated in PigVision.

FarrowingPct    Farrowing rate (EC)


Farrowing rate (EC) is the most used in the E-control. This is a quite secure number and it doesn't change that much. The reason for this is that it goes 125 days back in the period og looks at all the services in this period and hereafter checks if the sow has farrowed, has had an exit or reserviced. 


AdjFarrowRate    Adjusted farrowing rate (EC)


Adjusted farrowing rate is a further development of the Farrowing rate (EC), here non-reproduktive causes are subtracted. By this meaning that served sows in the period (125 days) that has had an exit due to diseases, for example legproblems, does not lower the farrowing rate. 


FarrowingRate    Farrowing rate (CA)


Farrowing rate (CA) is used in servicegroup analysis where the analysis is made per servicegroup og the farrowing rate in the given group. It looks at the services in the period and how many of these ended in a farrowing.