If you have the online version of PigVision you can use the apps for registration of data in the stable. The two apps are called “PigVision Mobile Sows”, for sow production, and “PigVision Mobile Growers”, for production of growers 

First, you must download the app to your phone/tablet. You can find them in both App Store and in Google Play Store. As a minimum, Android version 7.1 or iOS version 10.3 is required if you want to use the apps. Buy a phone of at least medium quality as low budget phones has a weaker battery and we cannot guarantee the best performance on these phones.  

After you have downloaded the apps, you must open it and you will see a login-screen. You must enter your costumer number which is the 5-digit number you have received from AgroVision. Then you must use the password that matches this costumer number. Tap the box next to “Remember me” if you want to save your login details. After this you will see a list of the herds that are available. Tap on the herd you want to register data in. The first time you enter a herd it might take a few minutes, as all data needs to be synchronized.  

If you want to learn more about the PigVision Mobile Sows app, you can find an e-learning course on this link: https://elearning.easygenerator.com/9e2af9c6-1748-4593-a89c-e8d891d36771/