If you want to get an action list per service group, you must open the action list, then you have to click “Setup”, in the green circle: 

Note: When you change the setup of action lists to Service group there is a double selection on data.

    Firstly, the animals found within the period marked in the top of the window are found.

    Of these animals only the animals in the selected service group are selected.

Hence use 'User defined' period and make the period wide enough.




A new window will come up, then you must find the registration you want on your action list. For example, “Service list”. In the column “Recurrence” it is by default set to “Daily”, click on this and a drop-down menu will appear. Here you choose “Service group” and it will look like this: 




Now the Service list will be per service group and not for a period. 

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