To get started with the Multi Site Monitor (MSM) you need to go through certain steps. One of the first steps is to get data in to MSM. This can be data from your own farm or data from customers. When the data is in you can start working with MSM. 

Create a MyAgroVision Account

If you don't have a MyAgroVision account you need to create one. To create a MyAgroVision account please click on the link below and follow the steps in the guide. If you already have a MyAgroVision account then login with your credentials.

Getting data in Multi Site Monitor

When you've created your MyAgrovision account and logged in you need to import data into MSM to do analysis. How will you achieve that?


The farm you want to see in MSM needs to have it's data in MyAgroVision. That also gives the farm the benefit of two other reports as well, that is the Operational Monitor and the Service Group Monitor. Click on the link below to get the data in MyAgroVision.



When the farm data is in MyAgroVision, the farmer needs to allow access to a third party via permissions in his/her MyAgroVision account. Click on the link below and follow the steps on how to share data with a third party.


Adding employees and share farm data

The farm/data is visible in MyAgroVision, it's only available for the main account of the organization. The goal is to share data with employees as well so they can start using MSM. How to add employees and give them acces to the data of specific farms you can find by clicking on the link below. Here you'll find the complete description to set this up. 

Setting up the Pigs Monitor

If you want to use the full potential of MSM Sows then please setup the "Pigs Monitor" before you start using MSM Sows. The Pigs Monitor is the location where you set benchmarks, characteristics, targets and your styling.

How to work with Multi Site Monitor

If all the steps above are done, you can start using the MSM. Please take a look at "How to work MSM Sows" and get yourself acquainted with MSM.