To setup cross breed in Breed, we have to open “Beed”, find column “Cross breed” (if it is not visible we can add it in layout setup).

In “Cross breed” column we should enter mothers breed. In column “Cross breed – Breed – Code”, in line with the breed, that will be the breed of the father, we can enter the breed of animals that we will get with this crossing.



If we need to add more than one cross breed, open layout setup in this icon, find cross breed and copy this as many times as needed:

After that we can register all types of our cross breed: 



ENAR Breed table for Hungarian farms

If you want to make an ENAR Breed table for Hungarian farms you can do that as well. You find them under "Breeding" and then "Breed". Then you can map a PigVision Breeding code to an ENAR code. Remember to add ENAR breed to the layout. Then when you want to enter the ENAR breed, then you can press F5 and then find the breed in the list.