If you need to download the latest version of TSPrint to install on your computer, click the link below or copy it to your browser:


This can be installed on top of your current version if required. Once downloaded, please ensure you are logged out of PigVision and then you can run or open the file. Follow the on-screen instructions, clicking Next or Yes through the instructions until the end when it shows installation is complete. Please log onto PigVision in the usual way and it will work automatically with the latest version of TSPrint.

Normal printing to your default printer:

When you click Print from within PigVision, it will use the TSPrint software we install when you start using the software, to send the report or document to the default printer on your computer. This will ensure the optimum speed for printing from our online server to your local printer.

How to save a report to your own computer for viewing at a later date:

If you want to save a report to your local hard drive for storage reasons or to be able to view at a later date, please carry out the following:

  1. Bring the report up on screen in the Print Preview screen either by choosing Preview or by clicking on the Print layout at the top of the screen and then clicking it again.
  2. The Preview of the report will be shown on screen and you should now click the Print button as shown by the red arrow below:

3. The screen below will appear showing three TSPrint options. Choose TSPrint PDF as shown below:

4. Now click the Print button at the bottom of this window (shown above with the blue rectangle).

5. The screen below will appear. Click the Save PDF button shown by the red arrow. If you want to send a report via email, please follow the instructions in the right-hand side text box shown by the blue arrow.