The group analysis is an analysis that shows key figures and results spread throughout service groups. The service groups can be viewed individually or in custom groups.

To calculate the analysis, select the menu Analysis sows - Group analysis - PigVision.

Press Calculate and the analysis will be calculated.

For each section (yellow lines), the results of the week / running group are displayed.

Et billede, der indeholder bord

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Plan and deviations

If you enter a value directly in the 'Plan' column the there is calculated Deviations.


  • Group analysis always shows the chosen groups.
  • Grouppewise always shows the entire selected period divided into either calendar weeks or service groups.
  • Setup Here it is possible to select additional tabs with a graphic of e.g. Live / litter. And here you also choose whether to display a rolling average for the key figure.
  • Other tabs are displayed only if selected via the Setup tab.

Data manipulation

Below you choose whether the calculations should follow calendar week or service groups. And what period the analysis shall cover.


Here you can make a restriction of the data that is desired in the analysis. For example. if it is desired to be limited to breed or litter no.


Here is the setup of how long the period should be in each column and whether a deviation should be displayed.


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