Cause setup.

View codes/causes used for different registrations in the program. You can create your own codes and causes using the empty line at the bottom of the window. You can also choose which codes can be used in which registration windows.

The general icons at the top of the window are described under Change the list of icons on the PigVision desktop.

 Tree setup: If “part of” is used you can view the parent- and sub codes as a tree structure

 Send codes/causes to a Database check

 View which codes/causes are currently used in the program

 Export: Export the codes/causes to any location on the computer

 Import: Import the codes/causes from any location on the computer

Code/Name: The registration code and name of the cause.

Status: Select whether the code/cause is new, active, passive, or to be deleted. The filter line (the green line at the top of the window) is set up to only show New and Active causes per default. To view causes with other statuses delete the filtration in the filter line

Recommendation:If there are codes that not are used anymore change the status to Passive. This ensures that you cannot use them by mistake in the mobile solutions.  


You can use How to set up and use layouts.  to add additional registration columns. It is recommended to create your own layout. 

In the example below the “Used as” columns have been added. If one or more of these columns are marked, the causes in question can only be used for that/those specific registrations.

If you want code 54 (Leg weakness) to be used as Death reason as well as Euthanized and Removal reason for Farm animals, all three checkmarks has to be set under 'Used as farm animal - Exit'. 

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