Seges has requested that we help them collect production data for “Landsgennemsnit” (Country averages) from DK farms. We have therefore added a function that you can use to help with your production key figures.

If you have not previously agreed to share production key figures with Seges then you can activate sharing of data in MyAgroVision.


The activation can be done with a few entries that are described below.


From the main screen in PigVision click on “MyAgroVision” which you can find in the lower right hand corner.



When clicked the below window will show:



If you have not logged into MyAgroVision before, you must register by clicking “Register new user”.


In the window that opens you must enter your email address and a password of your choice. When entering the password please check that all the bullet points below are check marked.

When done, click “Register new user”


Within a very short time, normally less then a minute, you will receive an email in which you will find an “Activate” button that you have to click to activate your MyAgroVision account.

On activating your account, you will receive a final welcome email.

You are now ready to log into MyAgroVision.



When you have entered email and password a screen will open and where you can activate the link to exchange data with Seges (Green arrow). 


When swipe/toggle the button to the right it will turn green and you have activated the data upload to Seges.

If you have PigVision Online the data will be sent to SEGES automatically, if you have a local installation of PigVision the data will be send when you open PigVision. 


If you need information about the data exchange with SEGES please click on the icon to the left of the text “Seges”.


All relevant production key figures and data are exchanged with SEGES. SEGES will in its publications use the data in an anonymous form. 


Exceptions are: 


  1. Medication usage. 
  2. Economic key figures. 
  3. Single animal information   
  4. Information about the farm with exception of the CPH Number.    



If you no longer want to exchange data with Seges just open MyAgroVision and swipe/toggle the button to the left.  

For further information about the data exchange and what the data is used for please contact SEGES.